D’Arcangelo Raffaele

Musician and composer

Fototessera Fototessera

Italian, of French culture, he got a got a diploma of chromatic accordion and musical composition in 1969, at the Pierre Poirier music School, in Stains (Paris) where he created his first Musette group, when he was 15. Further, he transferred in Turin, Italy, for professional reasons, where he conducted in the 70s and 80s, as organist, the sextet: “Le Ombre”, with a modern-melodic repertoire but also swing, blues and Rythm’Blues, in which his sister Tina Lory, a well known French soprano sang as Vedette.

Ensemble Les Musiciens

Some years later, after a long absence, D’Arcangelo came back on the stages in 2008, with his Hammond organ, creating the professional ensemble: Les Musiciens

Consisting of twelve professional musicians and eight singers, the Ensemble Les Musiciens propose a repertory based on Ray Conniff style, which has never been proposed since the great musician passed away, due to the laborious interaction between the vocal choir and the orchestra which mixture creates a unique harmony. This has been made possible thanks to the singers’ and musicians’ great competencies.

Les Musiciens Ensemble videos

Some videos, as excerpts of the ensemble’s CD, are available by clicking on the following button:

Num. lic. SIAE 1403/I/1465

In addition, D’Arcangelo also proposes musical events with Swing, Blues and International revivals, with a flexible group, from a sextet up to a trio, with a repertoire based on the Hammond in the musical history, since 1930s up today.


D’Arcangelo is also a musical composer of swing to modern music, including classic as well as folkloristic one. Here are some out of his musical compositions:

Ave Maria – Song, Choir and Orchestra

Nocturne n. 417 in B flat Major (from the DVD: Una Vita Sospesa 2012)* - Piano: R. D’Arcangelo

Pourqoi moi (Why me)

In ricordo di te (in Memory of You) - Piano: R. D’Arcangelo

Per un sorriso (For a Smile) - Piano: R. D’Arcangelo

Ipocrisia (Hypocrisy) - Piano: R. D’Arcangelo

RIO-On ne vit qu'une seule fois (We Live An Only Time)

Classic Musette


Note: All the above music is registered at the SACEM (French Association for the protection and redistribution of Authors, Composers and Musical Publishers) and, except for the Nocturne n. 417 in B flat Major, most of them are unpublished.